Mission & Values



St. John of God’s hospitality grew out of his personal experience of meeting the needs of those who suffered, with care and compassion, offering them respect and dignity in a manner that was restorative and healing.

St. John of God Retirement and Care Center seeks to continue to care in the manner of St. John of God. Hospitality offered by St. John of God, is both a culture and a process in its manner of leading, being and serving those who suffer. We create an environment where people can feel welcomed, comfortable, understood, esteemed and loved.

Putting people in touch with their humanity is a spiritual journey. Hospitality as culture is relational. It is welcoming, open, accepting, understanding, healing, and pays attention to the needs of the co-workers, residents, family members and those who visit. Hospitality as spirit care is about putting people in touch with the redeeming valuing of vulnerability and getting in touch with the human as redeemed.



We recognize the richness of God’s gifts and His presence in every person regardless of age, situation in life, culture or religion. With the value of respect we strive to understand and respect diverse people and viewpoints. Anticipate needs and act promptly. We communicate a caring attitude by practicing active listening to what people are trying to say. We thank people for the opportunity to serve them.



We respond to the needs of the whole person body, mind, and spirit. With the value of healing we seek to provide a supportive presence that guides, sustains, reconciles, and energize hope. Healing as a core value encourages relationships of solidarity between helper and helped rather than one dependence, healing enriches lives by promoting professional development and dialogue that listens and emphasizes allowing the person to accept their current life struggle and suffering. This orientation to healing restores new life, sense of wellbeing and enjoyment.